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Instructions, who needs them?

  Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth “Where are the instructions?”  How many times have these words been said or thought in the mind as we strive to assemble the Christmas gift for our child, or the new stereo cabinet for the home. Its interesting, instructions are something we want included in the box, yet pride […]

Garden of Daily Living

“Brighten the corner where you are”, and so the song goes.  Springtime brings with it natural God given joys with the new season, one of those is the life that comes to the flowers and trees in bloom.  One of our dear church members gave me an article several weeks ago that puts a ‘spin’ […]


I celebrate my 47th birthday today.  How thankful I am for God’s goodness to me.  Specifically the people God has brought into my life.  My dear wife of almost 23 years, Dawn and her consistent love, friendship and support; without which I would not be pastoring today. Our sons Dylan, Nathan and Ben, the great […]