“Where are the instructions?”  How many times have these words been said or thought in the mind as we strive to assemble the Christmas gift for our child, or the new stereo cabinet for the home.

Its interesting, instructions are something we want included in the box, yet pride so often keeps us from following them as we assemble the project.  Much the same, a road map often goes unheeded, “just tell me the way to the store, I’ll find it”.  An hour later finds us getting directions from the gas station attendant or at radio shack purchasing a GPS.

I have been there many times myself and have learned the hard way.  “Humility is the Highway to Happiness.”

The Bible is our spiritual road map or instruction book for life, when neglected through pride or indifference, always leaves us grasping for answers that God intended for us to have on a daily basis.

It doesn’t take as long as we think to read the instructions.  A time set aside each morning , maybe a note with a verse for the day, and an evening moment to examine our day before we retire for the evening sure beats the time lost trying to arrive at an destination and the frustration that comes with it.


Pastor Tom Lemmons